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PHOTO: Gladstone Hotel

On Tuesday, July 26 (that would be today) Toronto’s Gladstone Hotel will host a fundraiser for an art instillation called THE HAPPINESS PROJECT: IN THE HOUSE.

The instillation is an extension of the music album The Happiness Project by Charles Spearin who plays for the famed indie collective Broken Social Scene.

Interested in learning about people’s definition of ‘happiness’ Charles interviewed his neighbours and then took their spoken words and wrote music to accompany their responses. The resulting compositions are moving, insightful, inspirational and they eared a Juno music award.

For The Happiness Project: In the House local artists are enlisted to interpret songs from the album and are challenged to weave their own experience of the songs, as well as their own definition of happiness, into the works.

Each artists’ installation becomes a unique expression which also includes an interactive element.

The exhibit has already been hosted in Montreal and Kingston to critical acclaim.

The Happiness Project : In the House presented by Artist Bloc and Apple Crisp Festival in Kingston, Canada in March of 2010.

The Happiness Project at POP Montreal

It will make its Toronto debut on October 1st, 2011 as part of Scotiabank‘s Nuit Blanche.

The project is curated by Artist Bloc, a Toronto artists collective which was co-founded by Agi Gutkowska.

With their Gladstone Hotel fundraiser, Artist Bloc is aiming to raise funds for the Toronto exhibition and promises that the night will be filled with live music by bands and DJs.

More information is available on the Artist Bloc website.


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Anja Rubik and Sasha Knezevic (not actual wedding photo)

Love is in the air!

This past weekend Polish bombshell/supermodel Anja Rubik married her model fiancé Sasha Knezevic.

Anja Rubik and Sasha Knezevic in Majorca PHOTO: Modelinia Blog

From the looks of it, it was a model wedding (too easy 🙂 ). The couple tied the knot on the Spanish island of Majorca.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Sasha (a former professional basketball player for club Varese in Italy, was born in Serbia but raised in Vienna) and Anja (recently named the most in-demand model) fashion god Karl Lagerfeld’s go-to-girl, got engaged after seeing the opera Dance of the Vampires directed by Roman Polanski (I am guessing that they are big fans of True Blood).  

An emerging fashion power couple of sorts, the two are the creative brains behind the Austrian fashion and lifestyle mag 25 Magazine

Check out the two love birds in action on Polish morning show Dzien Dobry TVN ( Good Morning TVN. )

And here’s Sasha at a Quebec based fashion shoot for Canadian fashion house RW&CO. ft

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On July 1, Poland will assume the six-month presidency of the Council of the European Union.  

This is a VERY big deal for Poland which has come a long way since the gloomy days of life behind the iron curtain. It’s also a great testament to the ambitious nature of the Polish people.

To commemorate the occasion the country commissioned celebrated filmmaker Tomasz Bagiński and the Platige Image company to create a short animated film titled Europe in Dance.

The film which took nine months to complete is based on a waltz metaphor and the transformations to which Poland is inviting Europe. You can view the film here.

But perhaps a more vivid showcase of Poland’s aspirations exist in a video which was shot last week.

On June 21st, the residents of Poznan, released 8,000 Chinese lanterns into the sky to mark Midsummer Night. The event was accompanied by the soundtrack Chariots of Fire by Vangelis. The effort set a national record and organizers are already planning to beat the World Guinness Record next year.

Poland’s future seems to be a bright one. And a sky filled with flickering lanterns seems like the perfect metaphor.

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Check out these great photos by Toronto based photographer Marcin Moka.

Marcin (who has been shooting for 7 years) specializes in “creative photojournalism” but does a fair bit of wedding photography as well.

We recently asked him how he got into photography in the first place and what his favourite places to shoot are:

I was lucky enough to have lived on the French Riviera while in University, which in my view is one of the most beautiful spots on earth. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a camera to capture the memories so when I came back to Canada, I picked up my first point & shoot camera. I immediately fell in love with photography and have been at it since.

If I had to pick my three favourite places where I’ve shot, they would be:

1. Manhattan’s Lower East SideI love the graffiti, the grime and the endless details that you encounter in that dense urban area.

2. Old City of Jerusalem – the atmosphere, the history… the tension. It’s difficult encapsulating it all in photos, but it’s exhilarating to try.

3. The quaint, sleepy towns of South Western France – far from the droves of tourists, they have this romantic-nostalgic feel that’s hard to find elsewhere. 

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Last night YouNxt was pleased to take part in the fundraising efforts for filmmaker Rafal Sokolowski who in September will be shooting his next picture Seventh Day. The money collected will go directly to help finance his film. Gathered at the Innis Town Hall, a crowd of about 100 watched two of Rafal’s shorts: Lightchasers and the recently completed Three Mothers.

YouNxt was on hand to MC the event. And Producers Justyna and Aaron conducted a raffle. Afterwards Rafal answered a few questions from the audience. The evening came to a close at the Madison Pub where many of the attendees made their way for drinks and further conversation.

It was a fun evening  made better by the fact that it was also a great cause. Rafal will use Seventh Day as a calling card movie to help make his first feature film. For a rising filmmaker that’s an important step on the way to a succesful career.

Thank you again to all those that came out and supported Rafal’s efforts.

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