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If you frequent the Facebook Universe you probably came across a new music video called “Nie Ma Cwaniaka na Warszawiaka” by Projekt Warszawiak.

The clip made its debut on January 5th and has been viewed by close to 2 million people to date.

Projekt Warszawiak (“Projekt” means “Project” and “Warszawiak” denotes a person from Warsaw) is a collective of Warsaw based artists who created an EP album as a “tribute to all the Warsaw street musicians, prewar composers and song writers who gave the music spirit to this city.”

The majority of the songs are  re-interpretations of old Polish ballads with a modern twist.

“Nie Ma Cwaniaka na Warszawiaka” loosely translates to “No one is as crafty as a Warszawiak” and features actor Lukasz Garlicki in the roles of a bartender at Warsaw’s famed Przekaski Zakaski, a Turk selling kebabs and a male version of the Warsaw mermaid among others.

Check it out and let us know what you think.


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