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We are beyond thrilled to announce that YouNxt has teamed up with Na Luzie (Laid Back) – Polish-Canadian television program airing on OMNI TV – to bring you some of the most interesting and entertaining segments, from the past, produced by Host and Reporter Anna Piszczkiewicz.

So, without further ado, here is the first segment.


Moment on the Floor by Gosia


By Anna Piszczkiewicz

In March, the streets of Toronto are grey and drab, so I thought that for the first look into my archives, we should visit the magical world of elves, fairies and haunted forests. This fairy tale world is created by painter, illustrator and sculptor Gosia.
Gosia arrived in Canada at the age of 12. And it was then, growing up in this strange, new place that she started drawing. Fast forward a few years; she’s a graduate of the Interpretive Illustration program at Sheridan College and a professional artist, who has showcased her work at a myriad of exhibitions and festivals including the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition and the One of a Kind Show.

Cyrk by Gosia

Enter Gosia’s world below (brought to you in Polish). If you keep your eyes open, you’ll see Little Red Riding Hood somewhere in the story. I took the girl in the red cape home with me.

Gosia will be showing at the Artist Project Toronto from March 3-6, 2011. For more information visit her website at www.gosia.ca


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Say hello to Paula & Karol – my new favourite band!

By Anna Piszczkiewicz

First off, many thanks to YouNxt for asking me to dust off old stories that I’ve done over the years; we’ll be releasing these on a regular basis starting next week. However, before I dig into the past work, I thought that an introduction to what’s coming up on Na Luzie (Laid Back) would be appropriate.

I’m constantly scouring the internet in order to seek out talent that’s somehow related to both the Great White North and the home country. That’s how I discovered Warsaw-based duo Paula i Karol (Paula & Karol) – a duo that’s making music unlike anything else in Poland’s capital.

Photo courtesy of Tomek Ratter

Their indie-folk sound is as warm and charming as your grandma’s kitchen.

And the kids, they love it!

Their debut album, Overshare, released just two months ago, disappeared instantly off Empik’s shelves. The pair did confess to printing only 3,500 albums but, hey, the store’s racks were emptied.

And some time before that, the twosome was nominated for the ‘Discovery of the Year’ prize by Pulp (a leading Polish music magazine).

Oh, and the Canadian connection?

Paula is a native of North Bay, Ontario.

See Paula & Karol, chatting from their cute kitchen (red and white checkered tablecloth included) Saturday, Feb 19 on Na Luzie (OMNI 1) starting at 7 pm. (Repeat Friday, Feb 25 at 2 pm).

Until then, sample some tunes by Paula & Karol.

Word of warning: you’ll fall for them.

I did.

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If you frequent the Facebook Universe you probably came across a new music video called “Nie Ma Cwaniaka na Warszawiaka” by Projekt Warszawiak.

The clip made its debut on January 5th and has been viewed by close to 2 million people to date.

Projekt Warszawiak (“Projekt” means “Project” and “Warszawiak” denotes a person from Warsaw) is a collective of Warsaw based artists who created an EP album as a “tribute to all the Warsaw street musicians, prewar composers and song writers who gave the music spirit to this city.”

The majority of the songs are  re-interpretations of old Polish ballads with a modern twist.

“Nie Ma Cwaniaka na Warszawiaka” loosely translates to “No one is as crafty as a Warszawiak” and features actor Lukasz Garlicki in the roles of a bartender at Warsaw’s famed Przekaski Zakaski, a Turk selling kebabs and a male version of the Warsaw mermaid among others.

Check it out and let us know what you think.

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Art Square Galley and Café

In the mood for art, coffee and crêpes?

On Thursday, September 30th between 7pm and 10pm drop by the Art Square Gallery for the Opening reception of ArtPolonica TWO: “IN – LINE – OUT” 

This is the second annual exhibit presented by PolishedARTS and the Polish Consulate in Toronto dedicated to building Canadian awareness of contemporary Polish artists. This year, ART POLONICA TWO celebrates drawing as an art form.

Created by: Polish Artist Henryk Czesnik

The exhibit brings together eleven exceptional established as well as emerging artists from Poland and Canada who have used drawing to explore the world around them. They have done this in ways that capture everyday life in both abstract and self-expressive fashions.

Participating artists from Poland include: Anna Bem-Borucka, Henryk Czesnik, Kazimierz Kalkowski, Maria Targonska, Ewa Juszkiewicz and from Canada: Lilian Lampert, Janusz Bartul, Maya Foltyn, Adam Kolodziej, Wiktor Zajkowski-Gad and Veronika Szkudlarek.

"The women were in the back of the truck" by Veronika Szkudlarek

ArtPolonica I at the Art Square Gallery

ArtPolonica I at the Art Square Gallery

The exhibition starts today and runs until October 10th. The gallery is open from 10am to 11pm.

The Art Square Gallery (334 Dundas St West, Toronto) is located directly across from the AGO. And aside from its great art work it features a café where you can try their famous profiteroles  (four cream-filled pastry puffs covered in rich organic chocolate sauce), decadent truffles (made using 100% dark chocolate as a base and featuring saffron, citrus zests, tea, and vodka) rich coffee and mouth-watering crêpes.

Definitely a great place to check out and comes highly recommended!

For more on the café check out this great write-up on BlogTO.

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It’s been some time since we last posted and our deepest apologize for that. It’s been a fairly busy time for YouNxt as we are currently in the planning stages of some really large scale and very exciting projects; more news about those soon. However, we do have an exciting new initiative kicking off that we can tell you about right now.

With our mission to connect, promote and advance Polish-Canadian talent we are pleased to launch our Professional Profiles.

Updated regularly this new section will introduce you to some of the most creative, ambitious and talented young Polish-Canadian professionals around. We’ll feature rising media moguls, diplomats, artists, designers, business whizzes, entrepreneurs and community leaders. Our aim is threefold – first, to showcase the amazing work of young Polish-Canadian professionals, second, to inspire you by showcasing what your contemporaries are currently doing and last, to provide you with an opportunity to network with these ultimate achievers.

We hope that you enjoy and if you’d like to recommend someone for this section please let us know.

Additionally, if you or your company would like to get involved as a sponsor of this initiative please email us at: younxt@gmail.com

So without further adieu – here’s our inaugural profile on Visual Artist Klara Pokrzywko.

Courtesy of: klara-pokrzywko.com

Born in Warsaw, Klara Pokrzywko is an international conceptual artist that grew up in Algeria and Canada. Throughout her ten year career she has drawn inspiration from the human mind, body and behavior and has used her fascination to manipulate raw materials such as copper, silver and silk into unique fusions of art and science.

Her body imprints are in several private and public collections worldwide including galleries in London, Brussels, Los Angeles, Montreal as well as the Island6 Arte Center in Shanghai, the Zendai Museum of Modern Art in China and the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum’s prestigious 56th Peace Art Exhibition at which her work won an honour of distinction.  

Currently, Klara’s work is being exhibited as part of a group exhibition of international artists at the Sugimoto Gallery in Tokyo and on June 19th in Lodz, Poland she will kick off Klara Pokrzywko: The Human – Body, Mind, Environment – a ten year retrospective of her work and her first solo exhibition in the country.

Presently, Klara is based in Los Angeles and Montreal and divides her time between the two cities with her husband, Cinematographer, Pawel Pogorzelski.

Klara Pokrzywko in her Montreal studio

Name: Klara Pokrzywko

Profession: Visual Artist

Location: Los Angeles

Education: Master in Arts Management and Cultural Policy from City University in London, UK, Bachelor of Fine Arts – with Distinction and Honorary Mention from Concordia University in Montreal and currently studying Chemical Thermodynamics, Energetics, and Change at UCLA in Los Angeles.
How do you like living in L.A? So far so good. I have lived in a few cities besides my hometown Montreal (Madrid, Brussels, London, Adelaide and Shanghai) and find myself to be enchanted at first and then I notice there is no place like home.

Klara participates in the Shopdropping project during Biennale Montreal 2009. Photo by: Aleks Labuda

What are you working on now? My first Art Book – Klara Pokzywko a Retrospective: Body, Mind, Behavior.  

What will the book consist of? It will introduce the audience to my work and eventually to me. After all, you can’t separate the art from the artist, and you can’t separate the artist from his life experiences. The book will document my work from its genesis and evolution. Essentially, it will look like a nicely designed scrapbook with photos, old press releases, invitations and writings about my work from contemporary art historians, poets, designers, film directors and art critics. My hope is to also make it a platform for a lot of my talented friends.

How long will it take to create? I think it might take me a year to complete.

How does it feel to be exhibiting in Poland for the first time? It’s a bit of a strange, confusing and nervous experience for me but that’s because I am close to accomplishing a very important personnel step. There is a reason why I absolutely wanted to exhibit in Lodz (Poland) for my 10th anniversary of art practice. I want to go to the city where my grandmother (Klara Tyminska-Elektorowicz) was born and I want to dedicate my exhibition to her and make it a bit of a family reunion. My grandmother was my first encounter with art. She was an art teacher and a great artist. I believe that being creative is in some way hereditary.

Courtesy: klara-pokrzywko.com

Courtesy: klara-pokrzywko.com

Courtesy: klara-pokrzywko.com

Klara at work in her Montreal studio

What drives you in your work? I haven’t really figured that out yet. My core rule is to strive for happiness. I try to have enough guts to do what makes me genuinely happy. When I obey that, I find things just come together and start making sense.

What are your future plans?  Two exhibits in Tokyo and further introductions to America. A Toronto show is also in the works.

Major Accomplishments: I just got civilly married – Hollywood style to Cinematographer Pawel Pogorzelski. For those who know me, that is a huge accomplishment.

Favourite TV Show: I don’t really watch TV but if I do it’s on the net. I will often watch BBC documentaries. I also like the History, the Biography and the National Geographic Channel. They’re all interesting and there is no commitment required. In the days when I travelled less, I used to like Seinfeld, Friends, 3rd Rock from the Sun, and That 70’s Show. I met Ashton Kutcher once next to my house at this vintage charity sale and I was going to tell him that I loved his show but then some groupies jumped him and I though that maybe he didn’t need the extra compliment.

Why are your Polish roots important to you? Because this is who I am.

Is there a motto or a saying that you like to live by? Becoming is superior to being – Socrates

Website: www.klara-pokrzywko.com

Invitation to Klara's first solo Polish exhibition at the Gallery of Piotr Uznański in Lodz.

Shanghai Buildings: The creative process

“The piece was made during my Art residency at the Island6 Arts Center in Shanghai under the direction of artist Thomas Charveriat from France.”

INSPIRATION – “I am attaching the pictures of the landscape that inspired my piece. I was living in one of those white buildings with Pawel. They overlooked where the Art Center was.”

Buildings in Shanghai

Apartment lights in Shanghai

PERSPIRATION – “The piece was made in the Peninsula Printing Studio under the supervision of great and well known chinese artist Prof. Lu Zhiping and his Master Printer Cai Yao Guang, they were amazing and SO kind.”

Panels for Shanghai Buildings piece

Peninsula Printing Studio

Professor Lu Zhiping and his Master Printer Cai Yao Guang

PRESENTATION – “Pawel and I hand punched all the windows (square holes) that you see in the piece – hard physical work!”

Shanghai Buildings final piece. Photo courtesy: klara-pokrzywko.com

Shanghai Buildings final piece at the Island6 Arts Center in Shanghai. Photo courtesy: klara-pokrzywko.com

CONGRATULATION – “I was also invited to sign their (Peninsula Printing Studio’s) “wall of fame” where you can find apparently very famous Chinese artists that passed by there…this was quite an Honor for me. They had a lot of respect for me because I worked an average of 12 hours a day, seven days a week.”

"Wall of fame" at the Peninsula Printing Studio

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April 29, 2010 cover of Polish magazine "Viva."

If you’ve seen Andrzej Wajda’s film Pan Tadeusz then you’ve seen Alicja  Bachleda-Curuś. She played the stunning Zosia. She didn’t have a lot of screen time but the few minutes that she did, got a lot of attention.

This summer you can see her again in the new Neil Jordan (Director of Interview with the Vampire and The Crying Game) film Ondine opposite her real life beau (and father of her child) Irish actor Colin Farrell. Yes, former Hollywood bad boy Colin Farrell.

Alicja Bachleda-Curuś and Colin Farrell

Ondine is the story of an Irish fisherman who catches a beautiful woman from the sea in his net. The film premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival last year and will be released in Canada and the United States on June 4th.

Alicja was born in the Mexican city of Tampico while her geologist father was there on assignment. She grew up in Kraków and appeared in a string of Polish TV shows before landing her big break in Pan Tadeusz.

Andrzej Wajda's 1999 film "Pan Tadeusz"

Fluent in Spanish and English, she eventually moved to New York where she studied acting at the prestigious Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute. Subsequently she received high praise in the New York Times for her performance in the film Trade where she played a victim of international sex trafficking.

Director Neil Jordan apparently cast her because he wanted a striking but unfamiliar face for his title character.

May 2010 cover of Polish publication "Pani" (Ms.)

Despite the fact that she now resides in Los Angeles, Alicja maintains close ties to Poland. After all, her last name “Bachleda-Curuś ” traces her roots to one of the biggest families of Polish highlanders (Gorals.) She regularly visits her family in Kraków and from May 24th to 29th she’ll be serving as a member of the jury for the 2010 Polish Film Festival in Gdynia.

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