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On July 1, Poland will assume the six-month presidency of the Council of the European Union.  

This is a VERY big deal for Poland which has come a long way since the gloomy days of life behind the iron curtain. It’s also a great testament to the ambitious nature of the Polish people.

To commemorate the occasion the country commissioned celebrated filmmaker Tomasz Bagiński and the Platige Image company to create a short animated film titled Europe in Dance.

The film which took nine months to complete is based on a waltz metaphor and the transformations to which Poland is inviting Europe. You can view the film here.

But perhaps a more vivid showcase of Poland’s aspirations exist in a video which was shot last week.

On June 21st, the residents of Poznan, released 8,000 Chinese lanterns into the sky to mark Midsummer Night. The event was accompanied by the soundtrack Chariots of Fire by Vangelis. The effort set a national record and organizers are already planning to beat the World Guinness Record next year.

Poland’s future seems to be a bright one. And a sky filled with flickering lanterns seems like the perfect metaphor.


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In Toronto, it seems that when one film festival ends another one begins. Then again, it is the city with the most film festivals in the world, so it’s natural.

Hard on the heels of the world-renowned Hot Docs documentary festival (in which Polish film At the Edge of Russia managed to snag the coveted HBO Documentary Films Emerging Artist Award for its director Michal Marczak) comes the CFC Worldwide Short Film Festival (WSFF).

With the motto “shorter is better” this festival showcases the greatest short films from around the globe.

Image from Robert Proch's short film The Gallery (Galeria)

Last year, the festival spotlighted Poland and had a special presentation of films from Warsaw animation powerhouse Platige Image.

This time around, there are four Polish films. They include:

Invisible Border (Niewidzialna Granica)

A Plain Landscape with a Cradle (Krajobraz Nizinny z Kolyska)

The Gallery (Galeria)

Three Mothers

Three Mothers directed by local filmmaker Rafal Sokolowski stars Canada’s rising star Kristin Booth (The Kennedys, Young People Fucking).

Rafal Sokolowski on the set of "Three Mothers"

The film, which plays at the Varsity Cinema on Wednesday June 1 at 1pm and Friday June 3 at 6:15 pm, has been programmed alongside Spike Jonze’s highly anticipated Scenes From the Suburbs.

Spike Jonze is the cinematic genius behind films such as Being John Malkovich and Where the Wild Things Are and has created some of the best music videos of all time – including the Beastie Boys Sabotage video and Fat Boy Slim’s Praise You.

Director Spike Jonze

In Scenes From the Suburbs, Spike collaborates with Canada’s Grammy Award winners Arcade Fire on a story about a slice of suburban life in wartime. Check out the trailer below.

Playing with Spike Jonze is a big score for Rafal as both screenings are sure to be well attended.

We’ll be running a contest for passes to each of the films so make sure to visit our Facebook page for more details.

Hope to see you at the movies!

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A few weeks ago, 4000 representatives from the tourism industry from all over the world gathered in Germany for ITB Berlin – the largest tourist fair in the world.

The host of this year’s edition was Poland (or more specifically the Polish Tourist Organization).

In light of its upcoming presidency of the European Council and before the Euro 2012 tournament it wanted to create a splash with an innovative campaign.

The company entrusted with this was Platige Image; the Warsaw based Film Studio that we have written about numerous times.

Oscar nominated Tomek Bagiński, a self-taught illustrator, animator and director headed up a team which included: Marcin Kobylecki,  Jakub Jabłoński, Rafał Wojtunik, Damian Nenow and Bartłomiej Kik.

The result was the “Move Your Imagination” campaign – a five film animated journey that emphasizes Polish culture, nature, active pastimes, preparations for Euro 2012 and dance.

Have a look and let us know if you think they are a HIT or MISS.


DIRECTOR: Tomek Bagiński

“The new film directed by Tomek Bagiński promotes Polish preparations to European championships that will take place next year. It was done in 3D stereo.

In the middle of concrete desert, there’s a fit man who starts spectacular dance. As the result the space around him changes. Huge pillars, spans – the elements of National Stadium in Warsaw are built. We also see other Polish stadiums that will host EURO 2012.” Platige Image

Here is the TRAILER which includes elements from all five films of the entire campaign. You can check out each film at the Platige Image website.

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Still from the film "City of Ruins", provided by The Warsaw Uprising Museum and Platige Image

What were once bridges are now piles of rumble stacked high in the Vistula. Smoke and smolder litter a city that once was. This is Warsaw in the spring of 1945, just after World War II, after it was totaled by the Nazis.

Still from the film "City of Ruins", provided by The Warsaw Uprising Museum and Platige Image

These visuals are vividly reconstructed in the 3D film ‘City of Ruins’ (Miasto Ruin) that historians and computer graphics experts showed for the first time in Warsaw on July 28 at the Warsaw Uprising Museum (Muzeum Powstania Warszawskiego.) The goal of the film is to bringing home to a young generation the scope of the wartime devastation of Poland’s capital.

Although only 5 minutes long, the project took 40 specialists two years to complete. It consists of a 3D aerial view sequence; a simulation flight of a British Liberator bomber over the city right after the war in 1945.

When speaking with American Press, Michal Gryn, of Warsaw based Platige Image (the studio that created the film) said the team was surprised by the large amount of documentary material they had to seep through.

“It was a unique project to build a 3D model of authentic city ruins and make five minutes of film from it,” Gryn said. “I don’t think that anyone in the world has done this.”

Still from the film "City of Ruins", provided by The Warsaw Uprising Museum and Platige Image

His team took a helicopter flight over contemporary Warsaw to film base material. They then relied on over 2,000 historic pictures, films and paintings (some from private archives) to fill in the blanks and recreate Warsaw as it appeared right after the war.

The result is a computer simulation that shows collapsed bridges along the Vistula River, whole districts of roofless, burned-out houses and the Warsaw Ghetto as a flat sea of rubble. A solemn musical score enhances the sense of death and menace. Here is a sneak peak at the trailer:

The film ends with an inscription that says that before the war some 1.3 million people lived in Warsaw, some 900,000 at the start of the uprising and just 1,000 amid the ruins in 1945.

Since then the city has been fully rebuilt, including a meticulous reconstruction of the Gothic and Renaissance Old Town. Today it is a bustling city of some 1.7 million.

The uprising began on Aug. 1, 1944, and the release of the film has been timed to mark the 66th anniversary. The film is now screening at the Warsaw Uprising Museum.

Make sure to check it out when you’re in Warsaw. The museum is breathtaking. And it’s proven to be a big hit with visitors. Last year it had some 500,000 people walk through its doors. It’s definitely worth a visit. UT 

Warsaw Uprising Museum

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CFC Worldwide Short Film Festival in Toronto's Yorkville

If you’re into the post-apocalypse then last night was the night for you. As part of its first spotlight on Polish films the folks at the CFC Worldwide Short Film Festival (WSFF) featured the work of Warsaw based Platige Image.

Visually splendid, technically superb, these Oscar nominated shorts, were also pretty dark. Focusing on themes around end-of-the-world scenarios it was a mashup of robots on mysterious planets, virus outbreaks, menacing factories, desolate gothic cathedrals and psychotic military generals – fun times.

"The Great Escape"

A few colourfull films stood out that provided some cute humour and touching emotions. Tomek Baginski’s The Kinematograph told the tale of an inventor who slaves away in his laboratory night and day to marry sound and colour images, leaving no time for his beautiful and devoted wife. Chick, directed by Michal Socha was a funny take on the wining, dining and romancing escapades of a cosmopolitan couple. And Damian Nenow ‘s The Great Escape told a cute story about the escape of an animated sunshine used in television weather reports.

Thanks to everyone for coming out and for joining us for drinks beforehand.

WSFF continues its spotlight on Poland for the next two days:

Cumberland Cinema, Friday, June 4, 2:00 p.m.

Cumberland Cinema, Saturday, June 5, 3:00 p.m

For more information visit the WSFF website.

Pre-fest drinks at Hemingways

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In honour of our pre-film festival drinks tonight we’d like to show you this hilarious commercial for Lech Beer.

The visual effects were created by Platige Image, the Warsaw based Film Company whose short films are being spotlighted tonight at the CFC Worldwide Short Film Festival. The commercial was directed by Kevin Molon with f/x work done by Jakub Knapik and Jacek Skrobisz.

Enjoy. We’ll see you at 7pm at Hemingways and later at the movies!

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"Fallen Art" Directed by Tomek Baginski

Tomorrow night those in Toronto will get to experience the first of three Worldwide Short Film Festival nights spotlighting Poland. Specifically, the evening will focus on animation from Warsaw based post-production company Platige Image.

Platige Image is an award winning film studio specializing in making commercials, advanced animations and special effects. Their list of clients is impressive and includes companies like LEGO, Duracell and Żubr beer. They have also worked on films like Lars Von Trier’s uber-controversial Antichrist and Polish epics Popiełuszko and Katyń. WSFF Festival Director Eileen Arandiga describes Platige Image as “…one of Poland’s most awarded and innovative animation houses, creating stunningly distinctive worlds that will amaze and inspire.”

"The Kinematograph " Directed by Tomek Baginski

The company has a roster of extremely talented and ambitious young directors and visual effects artists that have also created a vast number of critically acclaimed short films. Director Tomek Bagiński has already received two Oscar nominations for his shorts The Cathedral and Fallen Art. In this respect, one could almost consider Platige Image the young Polish equivalent of Hollywood’s Pixar (creators of the hugely popular Toy Story and WALL-E.)

Recently they contributed visual effects for this clever spot promoting the Polish Film Institute.

Specific film information for tomorrow night is included below. We hope to see you there. And if you are planning on attending join us for some pre-fest drinks starting at 7pm at Hemingways restaurant in Yorkville.


WSFF spotlight on Poland: Platige Image

Cumberland Cinema, Thursday, June 3, 9:15 p.m.


D: Tomek Baginski, Poland, 2002, 6 minutes, Animation

As a pilgrim wanders through the cavernous halls of an unfinished gothic cathedral, it simultaneously comes to life and decays, suggesting the marks we leave on the world are both ephemeral and permanent. Nominated for an Oscar.


D: Damian Nenow, Poland, 2006, 6 minutes, Animation

Did you know that inside your TV, there’s a little speck of sunshine just bursting to get out?


D: Tomek Baginski, Poland, 2004, 6 minutes, Animation

On an anonymous military base, an army of expendable minions are pushed to their deaths so a psychotic general can get his rocks off when he reanimates their demise through photographs. Nominated for an Oscar.


D: Jakub Jablonski, Bartlomiej Kik, Poland, 2008, 15 minutes, Animation

In this sumptuous animation, a woman and her robot companion land on a mysterious planet where they’re given a glimpse of infinity’s enveloping vastness by a pixie-like alien.


D: Tomek Baginski, Poland, 2009, 12 minutes, Animation

Based on a graphic novel by Mateusz Skutnik, this tenderly-rendered animation tells the tale of an inventor who toils in his laboratory night and day to marry sound and colour images, leaving no time for his beautiful and devoted wife. Screened at Venice 2009.


D: Grzegorz Jonkajtys, Poland, 2007, 8 minutes, Animation

After a virus has decimated the human race, the remaining survivors set sail in colossal tankers to uncharted waters and – hopefully – new beginnings. All is not as it seems in this reworking of the Noah’s Ark parable. Screened at Cannes Film Festival. Nominated for Palme d’Or.


D: Marcin Pazera, Poland, 2006, 7 minutes, Animation

In this ambient nightmare-scape, a desolate and dark industrial plant is home to a raging machine that occasionally creaks to life and goes on nihilistic rampages.


D: Michal Socha, Poland, 2008, 5 minutes, Animation

In this highly-stylized animation, a woman races home to primp and preen for the arrival of a beau. They wine, dine and get a little raunchy – but then what?


D: Grzegorz Jonkajtys, Poland, 2000, 6 minutes, Animation

After being salvaged from the scrap-heap, a female robot’s circuitry is fixed and she comes to life. Like a preying mantis, this robot has an interesting way of returning the favour.

"Teaching Infinity" Directed by Jakub Jablonski

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