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On July 1, Poland will assume the six-month presidency of the Council of the European Union.  

This is a VERY big deal for Poland which has come a long way since the gloomy days of life behind the iron curtain. It’s also a great testament to the ambitious nature of the Polish people.

To commemorate the occasion the country commissioned celebrated filmmaker Tomasz Bagiński and the Platige Image company to create a short animated film titled Europe in Dance.

The film which took nine months to complete is based on a waltz metaphor and the transformations to which Poland is inviting Europe. You can view the film here.

But perhaps a more vivid showcase of Poland’s aspirations exist in a video which was shot last week.

On June 21st, the residents of Poznan, released 8,000 Chinese lanterns into the sky to mark Midsummer Night. The event was accompanied by the soundtrack Chariots of Fire by Vangelis. The effort set a national record and organizers are already planning to beat the World Guinness Record next year.

Poland’s future seems to be a bright one. And a sky filled with flickering lanterns seems like the perfect metaphor.


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When it comes to shopping, Europe has some pretty nifty things: great design, goodquality products and cool concepts. Plus they have things that we could never find here, in Canada. Since Europe is now borderless people buy and trade whatever they please. In Poland, the best and most popular site to do this on is Allegro.pl

Based in the city of Poznań Allegro.pl was launched in 1999 by Arjan Bakker and 19 year old computer programmer Tomek Dudziak. Initially the company consisted of only eight people and worked out of a two bed room apartment. Today, the company is the biggest on-line trading portal in Poland (even bigger and more popular than eBay) and it employs 300 people and have 5 million clients.

Allegro regularly interacts with their customers through networking events that it puts on throughout the year. The company also hosts a large conference where nearly 4000 Allegro users can participate in a number of workshops and seminars aimed at teaching them new skills and expanding their knowledge in fields like marketing, promotion, social media and technology. There are also lots of opportunities for Allegro users to network, share ideas and socialize.

So if you’re ever in the mood for that special European something have a look at Allegro. And if you’veshopped on this site before tell us what you think.

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